Social Studies Activities

 Subject  Grade Level
Smithsonian - Civil War Social Studies  5-6 This is the Smithsonian Museum's online Civil War exhibit Social Studies  3-5 Find biographies about famous people
Geonet Social Studies  4-5 Geography game
Outline Maps Social Studies   2-8 Outline maps in .pdf format
Country Reports Social Studies       2-6 Provides information on countries
Altapedia Social Studies  2-6 Good source of country maps
Native American websites Social Studies   3-6 List of websites for researching tribes
Colorado History Social Studies 3-6 Websites for researching Colorado History
Famous Persons Social Studies  2 Websites for researching some famous folks biographical dictionary Social Studies  2-6 Online biographical dictionary
Native American Regions Social Studies   3-6 Information about the Native American Regions
Arcademics Multiple subjects  1-6  Games on multiple subjects