Math Activities


 Subject  Grade Level
IXL Math  Math  K-8 Various math activities
Online calculator  Math  K-12 Simple online calculator
Using protractors to find angles
 Math  5-6 Lesson on using protractors
Angles activities
 Math  5-6 Lesson on angles
Counter Chart
 Math      K-6 All-purpose counting chart
Scribble Square Multiplication
 Math  2-6 Counting chart for multiplication
 Math  5-6 Converts fractions to decimals
 Math  3-6 Punch in numbers to create number patterns
Guess the Number
 Math  3-6 The classic game of "I'm thinking of a number between...."
 Math  1-6 Demonstrates how time works on a clock by moving the hands around in minutes, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, hours, etc.
Multiplication Machine  Math  2-6 Test your multiplication skills
Addition Machine
 Math  1-6 Test your addition skills
Division Machine
 Math  3-6 Test your division skills
Interactive Geometry  Math  4-6 Demonstrates properties of geometric shapes and symmetry
Prime Number Checker
 Math  4-6 Type in a number to see if it is prime
Base 10
 Math  K-3 Work with base-10 pieces to make numbers
Primary Math Games  Math  K-6 Various math games & activities
Ask Dr. Math
 Math  K-6 
Answers questions about math
Virtual Manipulatives
 Math  K-6 Online manipulatives for exploring math
AAA Math
 Math  K-8 Great math practice on many topics
Count On
 Math  K-6 Various math games
Math Playground
 Math  K-6 Various math games
 Math  3-8 Interactive applications that teach math concepts through online manipulatives
Aunty Math
 Math  3-6     Math word problems  Math  3-6 Resources and games for teachers and students
 Math  K-6 Variety of math activities
 Math  2-6 Unusual and important math ideas and activities
Fact Monster
 Math  K-6 Math, Money, Measurement, Formulas, and More
Sheppard Software
 Math  4-6 Various math games & activities
Harcourt Math
 Math  2-6 Various math games & activities 
Math Slice practice  Math  3-5 Practice tests on number concepts, fractions, measurement, geometry, and statistics
Cool Math  Math  K-6  Lots of math games & activities
cookie  Math  PreK-1  Various math games
Kindergarten Math  Math  K  Math games for Kindergarten
Kids Math Dictionary  Math  K-6      Interactive math dictionary
Coolmath Logic Games  Math  3-6  Logic games
Arcademics  Math and more  1-6  Games on multiple subjects
Math Fact Cafe  Math  K-6  Download & print math worksheets
Great Martini Company  Math  2-4  Math Flash Card activities
Math Play  Math  1-8  Math games
Sheppard Software Brain Games  Math  3-6  Various logic games, memory games, puzzles
HMH Mega Math  Math  K-6  Use with Math Expressions
MX Tools  Math  K-6  Use with Math Expressions