Classroom Policies

Dive Deep into Learning 2022

August  2022

Dear Parents,

I am so excited to have the opportunity to work with you and your child this year. For some, it will be our third year together, others our second, and we also have parents and students in which this will be our first year learning together. In each case, I would like to say that I value your input, and I will work to optimize our time together to provide your child with the best learning opportunities we can provide. The following notes will help you understand my teaching philosophies, our classroom expectations, curriculum, and homework requirements. 

My teaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that communication between the parent, student, and teacher is essential to promoting an educational climate that is optimal to our learning process.  Please know that you are welcome to come into our classroom at any time. It is helpful to make an appointment prior to coming in so that I can prepare.  If you have specific questions for me I am providing all my contact information below. I look forward to our collaboration and email is the best way to contact me. I will check my email on a daily basis and respond within 24 hours.  

  Once again, I am looking forward to working with you and your child and enjoying the year together.


Doug Grundy

(303) 982-8194 – school voicemail

[email protected]

Parent Handbook

Page 1 - Welcome

Page 2 - Contents

Page 3 - Schedule

Page 4 - Work Habits / Reading / Writing 

Page 5 - Specials / Math / Word Work / Friday Folders

Page 6 - Homework / Behavior /  Birthdays

Page 7 - Grading

Page 8 - Absences and Tardies / Conferences / Parties / Snacks / Volunteers

Mr. Grundy Second and Third Grade 

2022 Daily Schedule

School Start - 7:55 - 8:15 

Community Time - 8:15 - 8:40 

Reading  - 8:40 - 10:15

(Snack - 9:30 - 9:45)

Recess - 10:15 - 10:30

Writing / Word Work -  10:30 - 11:15

Specials (P.E. / Music / Art) - 11:15 - 12:00

Lunch / Recess - 12:00 - 12:45

Foundational Skills - 12:35 - 12:55

Math - 12:55 - 1:55

Social Studies and Science - 1:55 - 2:40

Dismissal - 2:45

Library -  TBA

Mrs. Fiess - Thursday / Friday

 Work Habits

Your child will have several assignments during the school day for which he or she is responsible. Students will also work on creating a positive work area. We will also do several projects throughout the year. We will work on them as a group on pacing and breaking up assignments to help with completion. Please talk to your child about the importance of completing assignments and giving their all in terms of effort. Please try to assist your child in organizing and completing bigger projects at home. One of our underlying goals this year is to dive deep into our learning.


Our reading program this year is Into Reading. It incorporates many different components.  Students will be participating in guided reading groups, whole group instruction and supported independent reading.  Students have the opportunity to participate in literature circles as well  (group discussion about a common book). We will read aloud books throughout the year and discuss and enjoy literature together. 

Please note that we will not have home reading logs. The children will be reading in the classroom with me and they will have reading homework (20 to 30 minutes a night). The reading homework will connect to classroom lessons for that week on reading comprehension strategies. The more opportunities your child has to experience text, the stronger reader they will become.Try to read  with your child at least several times a week to model fluency, enthusiasm and  a connection to reading. 


We will be doing a lot of writing this year.  Writing is thinking, and it is hard work, but the growth I see in the students is amazing.  As a class we will complete a planned writing assignment each unit which will take us through the entire writing process. One of the students’ favorite writing assignments is Free Write Day.  On Free Writing Day students can use the entire writing block on any topic they choose.  We work on building writing stamina during this time, and the opportunity to write about our own passions and interests.  Students will also be asked to write in math, reading, science, and social studies.


This year our class will split into thirds to join 3rd grade for P.E., Music and Art. Students will be joining Mrs. Kieth, Mrs. Dawkins, and Lesser’s third grade. Each group will attend each special for two days straight. It may take some time, but we will work to notate which special each group is in so they are prepared for each day. 


This year students are using Math Expressions as the primary arithmetic curriculum. Math Expressions are accurately aligned with our state math standards. It includes best practices  and is a balanced, coherent and rigorous program. There will be a weekly homework worksheet that will encapsulate the week’s lessons. Students will have had exposure to the content, but may still struggle. That is O.K. Please attach a note to indicate their struggles and we will continue to work through the concepts until understanding is reached.The diagnostic nature of the worksheets will help students identify areas of strength and weakness.  We will also be working on computational fluency with timed tests. We will have two basic groups for math; a second grade group and a third grade group. All students are encouraged to find their zone of proximal development and move on from there.

Word Work / Vocabulary

Our Spelling and word work will come from our new Literacy Program, Into Reading. There will be weekly words to learn and master. 


I am currently working on revising our class homework routine.

Behavior Management & Rules

In order to provide our students with the excellent educational climate they deserve, Kendrick Lakes has developed a positive behavior system.  Our school-wide goals are:  

  1. Demonstrate Respect

  2. Improve Self

  3. Value the Environment

  4. Engage in Learning

When students are having a problem they will complete a Think Sheet. 

A Think Sheet is for Problem Solving. By focusing on the "problem," this think sheet provides instruction as well as a behavioral management with the support from the teacher. 

Restorative practices:

Restorative practices at Kendrick Lakes Elementary are based on restorative justice principles instead of punishment.They aim first to build classroom communities that are supported by clear agreements, authentic communication, and specific tools to bring issues and conflicts forward in a helpful way. 


No food is allowed. Birthdays will be celebrated during the last 10 minutes of the school day.


Please use the chart below to reference our grading system. Jeffco elementary schools use a standards-referenced report card.  The report card is designed to give parents information about how their child is progressing toward meeting the Colorado Content Standards (what all students should know and be able to do).  Each child’s performance is measured against the Colorado Content Standards, rather than being compared to other students in his or her class. It is important to remember that as part of the GT Center Program  our students are working one grade level above in all academic areas and it is reflected on our final grades.

The same grading system will be used for our daily homework and class work grades as well.  I have created the chart below to help you understand the grading system.






Above and Beyond

You took your knowledge of the content to a whole different level. Consistently perform


75% - 100%

You Got It! Meets Standard

Partially Proficient

Less than 75% accuracy

Almost There. Progressing toward standard

You need more practice on the concepts.



Less than 50% accuracy

Intervention Needed. Lacking adequate progress. 

We need to meet and find a way to help you understand these concepts.

It is possible for a student to get 100% on a math test and still score a 3.  If the student is expected to know everything on the math test, then they have met the standard and are proficient.  Each math test should include a 4 component / higher level question in order to allow students to show their ability to go above and beyond the expectation.

Absences and Tardies

Please let me know about absences in advance and call the school on the day of the absence to indicate the reason of the absence.  I will work to prepare students with work in advance.  For every day that a student is absent they will have an additional day to make up their work. For example, if you child is absent two days, they will have two additional days to make up their work.


If you would like to schedule a conference, please send a note with your child or send an

Email me.  I will try to coordinate a time that is convenient for you.

Party Invitations

If you are having a birthday party for your child outside of school, school is not the best place to pass out invitations unless every child in class is being invited. 

Snacks & Water Bottles

I strongly encourage you to send your child to school with two healthy snacks and a water bottle. We have a  long morning before lunch and a healthy snack will help students keep their energy and focus. Please send water, please do not send your child with colored drinks, sugary drinks or sports drinks. Your help is appreciated!


I can not express how much I appreciate volunteers in our classroom. You are a tremendous resource in helping bridge the gap between work and home, helping our young learners thrive with small group attention, and it also allows you to see the joy of our school day. I welcome anyone who would be willing to help our room in any way that you would enjoy. I will host a meeting to discuss opportunities, schedules, and your ideas early this year.